Welcome to MeWeBe, your destination for meditation in Sevenoaks. We are thrilled to collaborate again with Pilates & Rehab to present a transformative workshop: the Pilates and Meditation Retreat held in Sevenoaks.

At MeWeBe, we believe in the power of meditation to cultivate inner calm, reduce stress, and promote holistic well-being. The body serves as a magnificent portal, granting us access to the present moment and the fullness of our being. Moreover, within its intricate framework lies an extraordinary capacity to anchor us in the here and now, allowing us to cultivate a profound sense of presence and awareness. By combining the restorative practices of Pilates and the profound art of meditation, we offer a serene retreat where you can explore the profound connection between your mind and body.

Mara, from Pilates & Rehab, shares her insights: “We always enjoy delivering sessions with MeWeBe. Pilates enthusiasts understand the importance of a deeper connection with calm, collected thoughts. Incorporating meditative associations and techniques into self-care brings significant benefits. Through gentle flows of meditation and movement, we guide you to relax, find inner peace, and harmonize with life.”

Whether you are a complete beginner or have experience in either discipline, our attentive and experienced instructors will support you in discovering the transformative power of meditation.

We are currently arranging retreats for the upcoming Autumn 2023 season. If you would like to participate or have any questions, please reach out to us through our convenient contact form or by clicking the link below. I will assist you with any inquiries regarding the retreats or meditation. I can also pass on your questions to Mara if necessary.

Experience the profound benefits of meditation and embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace at the Pilates and Meditation Retreat in Sevenoaks.

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In addition to the Meditation Retreats in Sevenoaks, MeWeBe offers various meditation programs. These include:
Drop-in Weekly Meditation Classes
One to One Meditation Sessions
Mindfulness for Parents
Mindful Walks in Nature
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